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           SKU : FF39019

        Firefield’s 6.5 Creedmoor In-Chamber Red Laser Brass Boresights are the product you need to get your firearm on-paper fast, with pinpoint accuracy and reliable durability. These boresights should be loaded like a typical round into your firearm’s chamber, where it will then emit a red laser to show exactly where your barrel is aiming.

        After adjusting your windage and elevation, this boresight will have your firearm sighted-in and ready for zeroing without wasting unnecessary time, money or ammunition. Made of durable brass and operated by an on/off end cap, these boresights can operate in temperatures from 15F to 120F. Like all of Firefield’s quality products, these boresights are protected by a 3-year warranty.

        When the times comes to prepare your 6.5 Creedmoor-chambered firearm for shooting, these boresights will guarantee you remain Forged in Victory.

        Included in Package

        • Batteries

        Battery Used

        • Type: 2x AG5 or 3x AG3
        • Quantity: 1

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        • 100-yard sighting-in range
        • Precision Accuracy
        • Durable Brass Construction
        • Compact and Lightweight
        • Easy to pack and transport
        • Takes 2x AG5 or 3x AG3 batteries
        • 1-hour battery life


        Laser wavelength 632-650
        output power, mW <5
        Battery type  2x AG5 or 3x AG3
        battery life, hrs 1
        range for sighting, yd 15-100
        dot size, in. @ 100yds 2
        operation on/off end cap
        construction brass
        operating temperature, F 15 to 120


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